The first vines were planted in Mendoza over 400 years ago. Argentina is currently the world’s fifth largest wine producer by volume. Over the last fifteen years the Argentine wine industry has become a serious player in the international wine market. High volume, low quality vines are being replaced by premium varieties. Formerly struggling bodegas are attracting the backing of major international wine companies. Product quality is soaring.

Every year the industry balance shifts further from cheap table wines towards exquisitely crafted drops increasingly recognized as “world class”. The Argentine wine industry has heritage and technology; old vines and unique geographical conditions marrying modern and traditional methods. This great itinerary combines the best of Argentina’s wine.


Our Association:

As partners in Altocedro and Winestar Wineries in Mendoza, Argentina, we are able to introduce excellent Argentinian wines, which are produced according to specifications of Fäsi Argentina. Karim Mussi Saffie – the winemaker and majority owner of Altocedro – is a rising force to be reckoned with. He treats the grapes with a lot of respect and attention and is an entrepreneur by vocation and training. He has presided over Altocedro since 1999 and his passion and vision is, to make the best quality wine possible from La Consulta’s ideal terroir. His Altocedro Malbec Reserva was chosen as one of Wine Spectator’s ‘Top 100’ Wines of 2008 and the 2009 Año Cero Tempranillo is the highest rated of its varietal in Argentina.


La Consulta is south-west of Mendoza at the foot of the Andes, at an elevation of approx. 3000 feet. The vines are between 15 and 104 years old and carefully farmed with as little human intervention as possible. Behind every bottle of Fäsi Argentina you’ll find devout, hardworking people, encouraging the pleasure of sharing good wines with family and friends.


Fäsi Argentina Malbec:

This wine is from La Consulta in Mendoza´s Uco Valley. The grapes were carefully selected from mature vines (7-49 years old), fermented in small concrete tanks and 30% of the wine was aged 8 months in French oak barrels to obtain a balanced concentration of color, aromas and fruit flavors. Drink immediately or age 3 to 7 years.

Fäsi Argentina Red Blend:

It is a result of our passion for work and love of our land and obsession for quality, says Karim. This bottle recounts long days of hope that are now manifested in this bottle of Fäsi Argentina; the great personality reflects “La Consulta” terroir and its people. The philosophy, based on equality and sustainability, serves as guide not only for our wines, but also for our lives. “We live on the land we farm and respect it by not using chemical fertilizers or herbicides, by carefully controlling the water, and by naturally managing our vineyards. Harvest after harvest we seek not just great fruit for our wines but also the infinite development of our human capital.” Drink immediately or age 6 to 8 years.

Fäsi Argentina Torrontés:

We found what we were looking for in Argentina’s Cafayate Valley in the Salta province: high-quality Torrontés grapes. These grapes require a dry climate and abundant sunshine, making the Cafayate Valley (elevation 5,500 feet!) the perfect place to grow them. Tropical in aroma, full bodied on the palate and fruitful in flavor, this is a special wine from a special place, crafted by a very picky vintner. Any wine with Karim Mussi Saffie’s stamp of approval is guaranteed to be of exceptional quality.