From Grapes to Wine


001Since the early stages of development, the Fäsi Estate welcomed and engaged the advice of the Viticulture Department of Fresno State University under the instruction of the knowledgeable  Prof. Cesare Fabietti. Together they applied the most modern technologies available for both the development and the organic cultivation practices of the vineyard.

002The Syrah grapes that are grown right along the banks of the San Joaquin River are as unique as the vineyard’s approach to viticulture. The prime soils and very specific micro climate contribute to the grape’s unique character. Much like the world-famous Napa Valley grapes, the maturing grapes are strongly influenced by the cooler night temperatures that are prominent in this very unique climatic area of Madera County along the San Joaquin River.


003Where the Central Valley meets the Madera County foothills sits Fäsi Estate Winery. Producing locally grown fruit, Fäsi Estate specializes in warm climate grape varieties (including: Rhône, southern France, Spain) for premium winemaking.

Our goal is, to produce locally grown premium wines and express the individual sites from which the fruit was grown. Their unique characteristics will be allowed to shine, while maintaining balance and purity in the final product.

004Fäsi Estate embraces our region and we know that trying to make wine like Napa or Sonoma will not result in a balanced wine, as our climate and fruit chemistry is very different. Fäsi Estate wines are tailored to express this region, and the wonderful flavors it produces.